The Porpoise Fur range of semisolid colourways is available at any time as dye-to-order. Simply place your order for the number of 4 oz bundles you'd like on your preferred base, and we will get started on the dyeing. Fibres should be dyed and on their way to you in 10-14 days from receiving your order, depending on fibre stock. If there are any delays, we will be in touch and advise you accordingly.

You can also do a custom order for any of our colourways, or a custom designed colourway if you have something particular in mind. Just contact us through the email icon below with the number of 4 oz/113 g bundles, the colourway and the base you'd like, and we'll get back to you with a time estimate. Custom designed colourways require a 50% deposit at the time of ordering, with the balance payable before shipping - see our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

The semisolids are available on Bluefaced Leicester, Corriedale, Dorset Horn, Shetland and Wensleydale. 

Clotted Cream
Congo Red
Coomassie Blue
Crystal Violet
Ethidium Bromide
London Fog
Evans Blue
Oregon Green
Evil Bean Water
Xylene Cyanole
Yellow Fluorescent Protein

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