Victoria Sponge

Last month marked our seven year anniversary of moving to the UK from Houston, TX. The past year has been something of a challenge for us, as we've struggled with deciding if we are staying more-or-less permanently, or jumping ship and going back to the States with no definite jobs or plans. Some of this was driven by Himself's dissatisfaction with his job, our worries about secondary school options for Devil, and questions about whether could find a job that would contribute significantly to the household income and give us a few more options. Because, let's be realistic: I am not getting rich selling fibre or knitting patterns or tech editing. Not many people are, and its been something my other half and I have been struggling with for quite a while now.

But over the past few months a lot of things have changed. Dev got into her top choice secondary school. Himself offered to take a package in a recent round of company layoffs and ended up with a promotion instead, one which is addressing many of his concerns and giving him new opportunities, so he's a lot happier with his job. And last week I was offered a job on a new career path, one that uses my scientific training and background but is new and very exciting And last, but by no means least, we're gaining British citizenship.

All of these events coincided with a fibre challenge with my June contribution to the Spinning Box, a sampler scheme just for hand spinners. Each month there's a specific theme, and June's theme was "Natural".

Now anyone who's spent any time around here knows that I don't really do "natural" colours in the undyed sense, so this theme put me in a bit of a quandry. Finally inspiration struck: I have a pile of lovely washed brown Corriedale fleece that I've been meaning to card, along with a bag full of washed BFL locks. And since I've been thinking about adding batts to the Porpoise Fur line up for a while, so I decided to do an initial venture into carding with some natural coloured batts.

Corriedale/BFL batt in progress

Corriedale/BFL batt in progress

While happily carding away, I had a small epiphany: instead of thoroughly blending the two fibres together as I originally intended, I tried carding them in three layers: one layer of brown Corriedale sandwiched between white BFL. As I peeled the batts off of the carder, I had sudden visions of a wild variety of such batts - semisolid outer layers with brightly coloured and unexpected insides, dark layers around colours that would peek through in the finished yarn, varied combinations that would create unexpected finished yarns.

Having spent some time playing with the carder, and working with a couple of other colour options, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of a new product at Porpoise Fur: Victoria Sponge Batts. Named for the resolutely British cake, to celebrate my new status as an official Brit, these batts will be available in small batches from the next shop update. There won't be repeated colourways as such for these, unlike the dyed tops; I'm going to use this product as an opportunity to really step outside my usual recipe-driven process and just play with colour. Lots and lots of colour. I hope you'll join me on this new adventure - I think it's going to be amazing!

Shetland Victoria Sponge Batts - Sponge: natural brown/grey, Jam: three shades of blue

Shetland Victoria Sponge Batts - Sponge: natural brown/grey, Jam: three shades of blue

Festiwool recap

Well, it's been a bit of a crazy weekend around here, what with Nordládda going live and heading up to Festiwool on Saturday! Allison and I were on the road before 7:00 am on our way to Hitchin, and we made it there in good time.

Stall is ready to go!

Stall is ready to go!

After a somewhat hectic set-up (poor Alli didn't get her breakfast until after the show opened!), we were ready to go! I hadn't been to Festiwool before, and was really happy with the space: it was bright, airy and well lit, even though the day was grey and overcast. We were right next to Third Vault Yarns, and I was very entertained to find that, just like designers, two dyers can come up with the same idea independently.

On the left, Porpoise Fur Holly Walk on Romney; on the right, Third Vault Yarns The Magpie on superwash Merino Aran weight squooshtastic yarn.

On the left, Porpoise Fur Holly Walk on Romney; on the right, Third Vault Yarns The Magpie on superwash Merino Aran weight squooshtastic yarn.

It was really lovely to see some familiar faces from Fibre-East, and to meet some Fibre Club members who are having fun with their club parcels! Thank you all for stopping by, and well done to those of you who were insistent that you really didn't need another hobby (but you do, come on, you know you do!)

There will be a big update on Saturday, 21 November at 10:00 am London time with lots of woolly goodness, including last month and this month's Phat Fiber colourways, and some new holiday-themed colours just in time for December. Happy spinning!

Welcome to the new site!

So....I've been thinking about shifting to my own site for quite a while now, so I could consolidate my designing with the newly added tech editing, and just make every thing look a bit better. Here it is!

Please --- if you find any mistakes, or things that are unclear, or any issues you want to mention, don't hesitate to get in touch. Either through a comment on this post, or via email (porpoiseknits AT gmail DOT com), Ravelry (porpoise) or Twitter (@porpoisefur). I'm looking forward to sharing all the upcoming wooly adventures with you on a fresh new site!


New, new, new!

At long last, the website redesign is (mostly) over! Not much has changed on the surface of it all, but you may notice there's a lot more fibre available all of a sudden...

The big changes happened in the way things are organised. All dyed fibers are now listed by fiber type; i.e. Cheviot, Texel, Dorset Horn, etc. Under each category, you'll find pictures for the colorways currently available, and links to pages with the colorway descriptions. This enables me to list all the available colorways rather then being limited by listing them individually. So, I hope you all enjoy the selection available, and that you find the new organisation easy to navigate!

I've added a bunch of Texel this week, and there are silk hankies to come next week. Or whenever they actually dry - as it's grey and humid in London this week, this might not be until next month! There's also a sale going on to celebrate the Tour de France/Fleece - 10% off all available fibres until the 21st of July.

I hope everyone is enjoying the (hopefully) better weather, and happy spinning!

R xx