Lab Goddess Fibre Club signups now open!

Happy 1st of December! I've opened signups for the first 2016 instalment of the Lab Goddess Fibre Club here, and I hope that lots of you join us! It's been an absolute thrill over the past few months to send off the fibre club, and then see what everyone does with it. I saw one October Fibre Club FO in person yesterday, and I'm still trying to find the perfect project for mine. There are hints of November spinning also popping up here and there.

October Fibre Club, "Alpha, Beta, Gamma" on Finnish, inspired by Dr. Marie Curie

For those of you who aren't familiar with a fibre club, it works like this: every month, I develop a new colourway inspired by a female scientist and her work. As a club member, you receive 4 oz/113 g of fibre each month dyed in this new colourway, along with a brief biography of the scientist and a bit of information about the colours and how I came up with the combinations. Any extras that are leftover after club ships will be available to club members only for six months; after that, they will be available to the general public, although more fibre will not be dyed.

November Fibre Club "Mutable Loci" on Cheviot, inspired by Dr. Barbara McClintock

November Fibre Club "Mutable Loci" on Cheviot, inspired by Dr. Barbara McClintock

It's also been lovely to meet some Fibre Club members in person, and get their feedback. So far, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, but please do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next round of club brings!