FO: Padded bag

Hard drive bag

Pattern for padded hard drive bag - this easy bag uses the same stitch pattern as a sock heel flap to create a thick sturdy fabric that will cushion your valuables against the hard knocks of everday life (such as being unceremoniously tossed in your bag on your way out the door in the morning).

Yarn: worsted weight left over from a sweater for my MIL many seasons back

Needles: ? US size 7 I think

Gauge: 5.5 sts/9 rows per inch

Dimensions: ~3.5x5.25 inches

Pattern: Row 1 - sl1, k1, repeat to end

Row 2 - sl1, purl to end

Cast on 20 sts (or number needed for desired width, just make sure it's an even number). Work in pattern for desired length, ending with a WS row.

You'll now work the back of the bag by knitting the first and last stitches on the needle with one of the slipped stitches along the side of the bag front as follows:

Row 1: pick up slipped stitch at right edge of bag front (when WS is facing you) and k2tog with the first stitch on the needle. k1, *sl1, k1*, repeat * to * to last stitch. Pick up slipped stitch on left side of bag and ssk with the last stitch on the needle.

Row 2: purl all stitches

Work these two rows until all slipped stitches along the side of the bag front have been worked. Continue in pattern until bag flap is desired length.

Bind off 9 sts, k2, bind off 9 sts. Reattach yarn and work a 2 stitch i-cord tie to desired length. Bind off 2 sts. On bag front, pickup and knit 2 sts. Work 2 stitch i-cord tie to desired length and bind off. Weave in all ends, slip in portable hard drive, and enjoy!

ETA: how about that new countertop?