Congratulations IPCC and Al!

How cool is this? Ok, I'll grant you that "An Inconvenient Truth" may not, on the surface, have an immediate connection to global peace, but...isn't it in the best interests of the planet to try and address the issue of climate change? I certainly think so.

Not that this will make any difference on the (non-)actions of the current administration, but it does make me smile. You can certainly argue about whether or not global warming is influenced by our actions, but the bottom line is that it does seem to be heating up around here, and, like it or not, the consequences of that warming are going to be catastrophic. Particularly if we spend a lot of time bickering about who's fault it is, or whether or not it's true, or whatever semantic bullshit politicians and lobbyists come up with to try and get out of addressing the issue. I'm too cynical to think that anything is going to change anytime soon, but this does give me a little bit of hope. We'll see I guess.

And just in case anyone is worried about the alleged knitting and spinning content of this here blog, I'm planning on this being a double post Fiber Friday, so stay tuned.