C$*%)#^$) Update

OK, some small incremental progress has been made:

Two sweaters for small children - one done except for a button and some end weaving, the other not yet started
Bayerische socks - not started
Plain stockinette socks - one almost to the ribbing, but they're size 11.5! One done, one halfway through foot
Zeebee - done except for grafting
Everlasting bagstopper x 2 - not started
Two sets of Fair Isle alpaca mitts - need to be designed and knitted. And by designed I mean Fair Isle chart lifted off the internet and incorporated into an already existing mitt pattern.
Hemlock ring blanket - done but unblocked blocked and ready to go
Endpaper mitts - not started, but I've considered starting to rip out the Goodwill sweater that is providing some of the yarn

And D-day is only 5+ weeks away. I'm not sure whether to panic or be happy I've got this much done so far!

Other progress: HY Fiber Club October offering is spun, plied and drying. Hopefully I get together the summary post today (as long as I get home to take pictures before the sun goes down completely).