Taking stock

Now that it's November, it's time to start thinking about the holiday knitting that has been sitting in a corner waiting patiently while I have been distracted with Halloween costumes and mini-Clapotis knitting and various and sundry other things. Every year I find myself in this position, and every year I swear I will never do this to myself again. As it is, I have seven weeks until Christmas, and the following projects to complete:

Two sweaters for small children - one done except for a button and some end weaving, the other not yet started

Bayerische socks - not started

Plain stockinette socks - one almost to the ribbing, but they're size 11.5!

Zeebee - done except for grafting

Everlasting bagstopper x 2 - not started

Two sets of Fair Isle alpaca mitts - need to be designed and knitted. And by designed I mean Fair Isle chart lifted off the internet and incorporated into an already existing mitt pattern.

Hemlock ring blanket - done but unblocked

Endpaper mitts - not started

As you can see, I have a bit of work to do. And I keep getting distracted by handspun Clapotis, and Mr. Greenjeans for me. When what I really need to be doing is the C%#^%#&*^ knitting! Next year, it will all be different...

Thistle Clapotis

My distraction...