Wow, you're really fast.

This is what the nice lady sitting next to me on the bus this morning said to me, upon realizing that the project I was working on was not the project I was working on yesterday. Clearly the poor thing is under the impression that I must finish one project before starting another. Poor deluded soul. Yesterday I was wending my way through the interminable size 11.5 socks (thanks for having such freakin' enormous feet Dad!) (Or, as they would say in Boston, wicked big feet), today I was working on the beginnings of Part I of II planned. My only defense is panic. Pure, unadulterated panic. OK, plus some Brad-Pitt-as-Achilles distraction on TMC (boy was that a bad, bad movie).

A brief update on the List:

1. One sweater for a small child - I'm sorry Boo, but you may be wearing your sister's handmedowns this Christmas
2. Bayerische socks - hmmmm...a brief looksee on Ravelry indicates that these take people, on average, 73 months to finish. Perhaps I'd better rethink.
3. Plain stockinette socks - maybe 3 inches left on #2!
4. Zeebee - done except for grafting OK, this thing has been done except for the grafting for two months now. I'm not even sure I know where it is, other then somewhere in the depths of the WIP bin (otherwise known as the TV corner cabinet in the living room)
5. Everlasting bagstopper x 2 - not started Part I started
6. Two sets of Fair Isle alpaca mitts - need to be designed and knitted. Still. We'll see...
7. Endpaper mitts - technically, I've now knit almost two of them, but only one is giftable.

We're at T=-21 days and counting, but technically they all need to be done before we leave for Boston on the 21st. So really only 17 days. Oh shit.

PS - I now know which democratic candidate I'm going to vote for. (link from the Yarn Harlot)