Please pass the crack pipe

So about a week ago I got a burst of inspiration for a pair of socks, and spent that evening trolling the internet searching for the perfect colorways for my vision. Lo and behold, I found the seemingly perfect handdyed yarns, at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, home of Socks that Rock.

Now, as some of you may know, I tend to approach things that have rabid fan followings with some degree of trepidation. Plus I seem to have some aversion to joining in with said rabid throng. So I have spent the last few years reading the odes to Socks that Rock in the blogosphere with a fair bit of salt. Not to mention dismay that people can get so worked up over some sock yarn. I read the stories of Blue Moon selling out of yarn at fiber festivals across the country, and people getting into fist fights over hanks of StR and thought "How could they be so silly?"

Well, I still think it's a pretty silly thing to get so het up over, but I have more sympathy now that my own shipment of StR has arrived. Two skeins for my secret design project, in Blue Moonstone and In the Navy (the perfect colorways I had imagined, just perfect), and one skein in Korppi, since I'd read/heard so much about the Raven colorways, just to try it out.


The colors of Korppi are more or less impossible to photograph, but it's black with beautiful green and purple overdyed sections. The other two skeins look pretty much like the above pictures. Now if you don't mind, I've got to wind some center pull balls and get swatching.

Boo and StR
Boo can't decide which she likes best