The problem with unblog-able knitting projects

is that you have nothing much to write about if that's all you're working on. Well, that and a never-ending intarsia baby blanket. The StR is nice to work with, and it's knitting up quite nicely, but my internal vision of what these socks will look like has changed pretty dramatically over the course of the last week. I think, having muddled my way through the heel flap/shaping and up into the ankle, that I've settled on the final version. I just need to peruse Barbara Walker and see if there's a neat edging that will work well. Oh, and knit the other sock of course. And write up the pattern. And do more math then I'm really comfortable with to get sizes to fit people with normal sized feet. I never quite trust that my math is correct, and I've got an 8 stitch pattern repeat to contend with, so the pattern writing may take longer then the actual knitting of the socks. Stay tuned.

Duck is coming along, slowly - it's the perfect project for watching silly movies on DVD. This weekend's installment was "Good Luck Chuck", which I enjoyed more then I thought I would. Very silly, but some unforgettable (and extraordinarily un-PC) lines, particularly from Chuck's plastic surgeon friend whos name I can't remember. Last weekend we watched "40 Days and 40 Nights" in which Josh Hartnett gives up sex for Lent. Timely, and also entertaining. I'm sensing a theme here though - maybe it's time to stop letting Ironman go to the video store by himself.

Tonight I plan to sit down with Ivy, finish off the damn seaming and get on with the neckband. I will be flipping back and forth between election returns and Season 2 of Buffy. There will be beer.