New inspiration

Now that I've finished up a couple of long standing projects, I'm free to obsess over what to start next. Of course, in order for true procrastination, I've had to do a bit of stash enhancement to get the creative juices flowing. Just a bit. And since it's all arrived this week, I have to share.

The first installment was a new sock book (link to Amazon, but I think you can order direct from the publisher too). After seeing the Rivendell socks in various places, I went to the website and preorder the book. That was about a month and a half ago, and I'd basically forgotten about it until it arrived on Monday. And for the first time, I think I want to knit every pattern. Every single one. That never happens. The layout is great, the photos are exquisite, and there's enough variety between lace, texture, colorwork, toe-up, toe-down, and sideways constructions that any sock knitter should find something to their taste. Its just wonderful. I took it to knit night last night and had to be extra careful that it came home with me.

All the way from Oregon: two skeins of StR lightweight. The first is for a knitting friend of mine who is going to be test knitting a pattern for me. She got to choose the colorway, and decided on

Pirate's Booty

Pirate's Booty. I have to admit that I looked at the picture on their website, and wasn't too excited by this colorway, but in person it is so beautiful. It looks just like a parrot - rich, vibrant, glowing colors. I'm excited to see how this knits up - the pattern was originally done with a semi-solid, so it will be interesting to see how it works with a more dramatic colorway.

Since I was already placing an order, I figured I might as well get something for me to use. And before I knew it, this had fallen into my cart:

Atomic #6

Atomic #6. But it should really be called "Mallard" or "Drake". Gorgeous teals and maroon. This might even be manly enough for some boy socks. We'll see. Suffice to say that it is taking every ounce of willpower not to bust open this skein and cast on immediately. I'll already have socks on the needles - starting another pair will totally derail the socks-in-progress. Must. Resist. StR.

Ok, I think the yarn fumes are starting to clear out a bit in here. But (unfortunately) there's more. In fact, I think the fiber fumes are getting pretty thick...

Bosworth mini and SW merino/alpaca

In preparation for my first spinning lesson last week (giving a spinning lesson that is), I started trolling around looking at spindles. I had the idea that maybe spinning laceweight would work better on a hand spindle, so I ended up with this: a new Bosworth mini from Carolina Homespun, along with some gorgeous superwash merino/alpaca that Morgaine included as packing material. Purpleheart, 0.7 oz, and patiently waiting until I finish the other handspindle project and my socks before I try for some really really fine laceweight stuff.

So I think my project needs are satisfied for the next little while. I hope they are!

Progress report for May:

Turkish Walrus socks
Devil's sock yarn skirt (as yet unblogged as an FO because I have yet to get her to put it on and stand still long enough for me to get some pictures)

That's it. Methinks the grant writing was more of a time suck then I originally thought. I did have a couple of big projects going on though, which will show up on June's report.

For the grandparents, another progress report:

silly girls