That is what your wrist says after spending most of an entire day in front of the spinning wheel. I did stop while the AC guys was here (you would not believe what was growing in our drain line!), and to go for a run and to the store, but other then that, I was glued to the Lendrum. I managed to spin up a little more then half of the 5 oz of fiber I had by early evening, and plied while watching the Celtics-Lakers game (grumble, grumble). Tonight I'll finish (hot/cold/hot/cold/thwack, thwack, thwack) and maybe be able to start some mittens by Friday. And there's still a couple of ounces left to spin...

But, given that my right wrist is somewhat unhappy with me, yet again, I think tonight is for some swatching. For some reason, June in Houston is making me think I need to knit a sweater. A nice wooly sweater. It must be the heat index driving me nuts, because this is totally stupid. Given the insanity of the idea, I have fixated on the Gathered Pullover (Rav link) from Interweave Knits Winter 2007. The question now is: which yarn?

Some lovely, bluey-purple Silky Wool,

Silky Wool

Oh how blurry. And not really accurate as to color...

Or some nice red stuff recycled from a Goodwill find?

Picture 534

Color accurate. Mostly.

Any thoughts? I just did bluey-purple, so I'm leaning towards the red, but I have no idea if the recycled stuff will work well (and there are plenty of examples of Silky Wool Gathered Pullovers on Ravelry). Hmmm...