Packing list

We head off for Boston at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning, just the girls and me (pray for us! Or for me at least - they'll be fine). Since I haven't even begun to pack yet, I spent some time on the bus this morning making lists of what we need to bring. Here's the first few items I wrote down:

GP (Rav link)

GP in progress, 6-19

Noro sock yarn for Koi

Noro sock


Blueberries in progress

I got tired of spindling at about 10 pm last night and decided to start plying. 80 min and two episodes of Buffy later, I have ~200 yds of gorgeous fingering weight two ply. The pattern calls for ~200 yds fingering weight yarn. I'm golden, and I still have some roving left if needed.

Project Spectrum Air project

Bosworth mini and SW merino/alpaca

Boarding passes/FF#s

Do you think there's something wrong with my priorities?