The haul

While my unspoken pledge to not buy yarn has been going pretty well at home, something happens when I go on vacation that blows my inhibitions out of the water. I guess it's something along the lines of "well, I'm on vacation, so it doesn't count!" Just like cookies that you eat standing up have no calories.

This tendancy coupled with the fact that my parents live around the corner (I'm not kidding) from Windsor Button means that trips home are rough on the plastic. And since my in laws are up the hill (again with the not kidding) and a 20 min drive from Grafton Fibers and Green Mountain Spinnery respectively, going up there gives the bank account no respite. But I do come away with some cool stuff.

I've already knit up one of my purchases into the Spiraling Coriolis socks, so I'll skip the Fixation and Cat Bordhi opus description. But Boston also yielded

Cherry Tree Hill supersock

Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in "Blueberry Hill" which I couldn't resist, because one of Devil's favorite books is "Blueberries for Sal"

Handmaiden Sea Silk

and a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk in "Mineral" for Tuscany. Or some other wrappy type thing. We're off to a wedding in Colorado* in a couple of weeks, and if I put down everything else and cast on tonight, I might get this finished by then. Or I might not.

That was the total damage in Beantown. But then I went to the Spinnery and, after a tour of the mill in action, felt obliged to drop a large hunk of cash on two hanks of sock yarn.

GMS sock art

GMS Sock Art Forest and Meadow. Forest (the purple skein) is 70% wool/30% tencel and absolutely the softest yarn I've felt in a long time. Meadow (the blue-green skein) is 50% wool/50% mohair and should make some really well wearing socks. I've got plans for the Forest for a watery type sock for Project Spectrum - Water which starts next month, but that lovely purple is going to marinate for a while. Becuase there is a lot to be said for high potential energy in the stash.

* Hmmm...maybe an opportunity for further stash enhancement? Bad Porpoise, bad!