A change in plans

For the last few weeks, I've been making a concerted effort to be more consistent about my training. Part of this has meant starting up yoga again - before Devil was born we went to yoga twice a week. When she was about a year old, I started going at least once a week, running from our house to the gym. And a couple of weeks ago I finally got my act together to start up again.

So Tuesday mornings I now get up at 0:00 dark-thirty and run 4 miles to the gym, where I arrive, dripping sweat and thoroughly awake, just in time for yoga class at 6:00. Then the fambly picks me up, we drop the kids off at daycare, I shower, cram some food down my gullet and hop onto the bus for a nice long nap on the way downtown. It's something that is only possible if I do it every single week - the habit is the only way that training ever happens for me.

However...I suspect that tomorrow it is not to be. You know, given that that little blip in the Texas coastline - the one right smack dab in the path of TS Edouard - is my current location.

Ironman's company has already announced that their campus will be closed tomorrow, which means no daycare for the kidlets. So maybe we'll all hang out at home and play in the rain. Maybe I can finish off the 2 oz of Maldives left and free up that mixing bowl again. Or maybe Devil and I could dye a bunch of yarn. Some many things, so little time!
July FOs:
H^4 spinning - finished 7/31 and not yet blogged because I need to send off the package
Spiraling Coriolis socks
Brambler (finished knitting, but not yet blocked/blogged - does it still count?) (probably not)