Excuse me for a moment

There are many reasons (too numerous to list) why I'm not going to vote for John McCain (Exhibit A: a VP candidate with a belief in creationism is not conducive to my productive life as a scientist), including but not limited to his inability to be on stage with his opponent for 90 minutes and keep a straight face*, but this right here pretty much sums up another good reason.

Regardless of how you feel about abortion, his cavalier attitude and dismissal of a scenario that could have killed me and my first child, and his attempt to portray exceptions to a late-term abortion ban for the health of the mother a "liberal" plot to plant a Planned Parenthood with a drive-through D&C window next to every Starbucks in the nation**, makes me want to throw up. And then hit something really, really hard. And then maybe scream a little.

I know that everyone is sick to death of the election, and it's not something you want to read about on a putative knitting blog. So I'll stop the rant here and we can move on to something more productive.

(Please let the next 20 days go by quickly!)

* Seriously dude. You'd have a better chance of convincing people you're ready to be President if you stop rolling your eyes and sneering. That's all I'm saying.
** No, he didn't actually say that - please grant me a little license here.