Hey, it's Friday, here's some fiber

Hello Yarn Corriedale

The lovely Corriedale fiber provided in our goodie bags at Yarn School, dyed by Adrian, colorway "Hooray Sheep"

I wanted to try a fluffier yarn then I usually spin, so I spun the singles from the fold with long draw at 10:1 on my Lendrum. The big skein at the top (3.1 oz, 272 yds, 11-12 wpi) was plied on the Lendrum at 10:1 with a fair bit of twist. The smaller skein (1.1 oz, 83 yds, 14 wpi) was plied on a DT folding Fricke that was sitting all alone in the gym, and happened to have a Woolee Winder on it. I have no idea what the ratio was for plying that one, but the tension was stronger then on my Lendrum, so it ended up having quite a bit less twist. When I held up both skeins, the Lendrum one was overplied, but not dramatically so, and the Fricke skein was balanced.

Finished them with a soak in hot water and hung to dry. It's very interesting to me to see how much of a difference the plying made in the wpi. Same singles, same number of plies, both are pretty soft, but the lower-twist skein has more squish to it, while the high-twist skein is more elastic. Next week I'll post about the differences between spinning from the fold long draw and spinning worsted short draw (which is what I subjected my HHHH fiber to after I got back).

I've definitely got my spinning mojo back - two nights this week got me through 3.8 oz of this

Superwash Merino

Superwash merino

which is destined to become some 2-ply sock yarn for a Christmas present.