Autumnal socks

It seems to have settled into "Fall" weather for good down here in Space City. But there's something missing that I can't quite put my finger on...

Oh yeah...that whole fall leaves thing. Thankfully I've got this to make up for not being in New England.

Ironman sock

This is the last in this year's series of Man Socks for my family for Christmas. Three of the four men in my family have feet more-or-less the same size, and conveniently enough, that size is more-or-less the same size as my feet. Makes sock knitting very easy.

These are a version of the Spiraling Coriolis, worked with a larger band containing a little cable action. Trekking XXL continues to be a favorite sock yarn, in spite of the fact that it splits like a MoFo. This colorway (#76 I think?) (checks Rav...yes, #76) is just gorgeous. I'm wishing I had some more for myself.

More then that, I'm wishing they were done already! Not that I'm not enjoying them, but there are a bunch more things on the list to take care of.

Speaking of which, let's recap:

TX: Ironman, Devil and Boo
The Massholes: Nana, Grandpa, Uncle J and Auntie Walrus
The DC contingent: Bro and Auntie J
Those VT hippies: Mermaid and Koala

Grandpa is the unfortunate male whose feet do not resemble mine in size, therefore he will have to make do with last year's Christmas socks. What he is actually receiving remains to be determined. Koala's present was finished last night and is currently drying on my towel bar. Boo's Tomten has half of one arm, so that's coming along nicely. The last two ladies are up in the air (and will remain so since I know they come to visit on occasion). I'll just throw out teasers for them from time to time.

Look at that: December 1st and only 3.5 presents left to knit? Who am I forgetting?