2008 Roundup

A new year, a new start, and time to assess what got acomplished in the previous 12 months. The tally from the past year, now that I've gone through and written it down, is quite impressive actually. Here's the bare stats:

Socks - 13 pairs (Ironman Christmas, Noro, Spiraling Coriolis, Flukes, Devil socks, Turkish Walrus, Spiral boot socks, Firestarters, Rainbow socks and leftover socks, Diamond Waffle, Riverbed/Hedgerow socks, secrect project not yet blogged)
Sweaters - 5, two long sleeved, two tanks, and 1 baby
Heads/hands - 2 Christmas Hats, 1 pair of mitts
Scarfs/shawls - two shawls, one scarf
Spinning - 11 different spinning projects finished (superwash Merino from Yarn School, Cotton Candy, Hello Sheep, Maldives, Verdant, Frosted Forest, Toxic, Red Velvet, H^4 Targhee, Blueberries, Sara's Targhee)

Sheesh. Who knew? So the next question is: what's on tap for 2009?

1. Continuing the Sock a Month KAL. I started some geeky science nerd socks for me yesterday.
2. Spinning/knitting the Peacoat of Gloriousness. I've dyed part of the fiber already, but have to order/dye the other batch soonish.
3. Decreasing the stash any which way I can, including forcing my posse to take large bags of yarn home with them on Thursday nights. Because I need to make room for the Rowan that will be incoming...

There are certainly other things that will crop up here and there, like moving across the Atlantic and finding Devil a "pink cake with pink icing and pink Princesses" for her birthday, but I find it's important to keep these lists to a minimum. At least in writing that is (my mental list is much, much longer, believe me).

So what are your goals, knitting or otherwise, for 2009?