Boo's sweetheart

Boo has a new favorite person. Her uncle came to visit last week, courtesy of a work trip to Houston, and she picked up right where she left off over Christmas. Her initial response to him was deep suspicion with a tinge of There's-No-Way-I'm-Hanging-Out-With-Him-Are-You-Insane-Mama? She gradually morphed into OK-He-Can-Exist-To-Read-Stories-To-Me.

But now? Now they are best buds.


Ironman likes to say that there are two types of people in the world, Mama and not-Mama. Usually the not-Mama's get the short end of the stick.


I think it must be something about my familial genes, because my brother seems to be doing OK as far as Boo is concerned. The only bigger highlight of our trip to the Science Museum was this:

Rice paper

A very confused (and hungry, one assumes) Rice paper butterfly.

While Boo has a new love, so do I:

Geek socks in progress

Aracaunia Ranco sock yarn. This is the start of my Science Geek socks, and I am absolutely head over heels for this yarn. It's not the softest in the world, but it has something toothy about it (that's the best word I could come up with). It grips the needles well, is as totally unsplittable as yarn could be, and is knitting up into a lovely variegated fabric. It's too bad (good?) that I'm turning over a new leaf in my yarn acquiring habits, because I could see insulating my house with this stuff.