Here booky, booky, booky

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I read alot.

I know, I know. Where do I find the time, right?

Here's my secret: I'm a really poor multi-tasker*

I read before bed at night. I read at breakfast. I read while I'm cooking dinner. I read on the can. I read in the shower more often then I'd like to admit. And most days, the westside Houston commuters will find me on the bus, reading, knitting and listening (sort of) to Morning Edition.

I've always wondered how many books I read in a year. So I'm going to keep track. Feel free to skip to the next fibery post if you are so inclined.

So far in 2009:
7. Darwinia - Robert Charles Wilson
6. Undertow - Elizabeth Bear (I needed some aliens to recover from the overload of teenage vampire hormonal angst and wizard vs. werewolf shenanigans)
5. Fool Moon - Jim Butcher
4. Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer (phew!)
3. Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer
2. New Moon - Stephanie Meyer
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larsson, translated from Swedish by Reg Keeland.

Finally got another Tomten modeling shot:

Devil's Tomten

Devil on her new bike. She is much, much faster now. Maybe almost fast enough to ride while Mama goes for a run around the neighborhood. Hooray! And FYI, these sweaters are so much cuter in action then lying on the couch that I just about fall down everytime the girls wear them.

* As IM would say, why do one thing well when you can do three things badly?**

** This is why I am a triathlete, not a cyclist or a swimmer or HAHAHAHA a runner.