How not to train for a half-marathon

1. Start training about 4 months ahead of time and get a fairly consistent schedule.
2. Lose a couple of long runs to Thanksgiving and general laziness.
3. Go home for two weeks over Christmas and run maybe three times.
4. Have your longest long run (12 miles) occur two weeks before race day.
5. Come down with a cold 5 days before race day and don't run at all.
6. Arrive at the starting line on Sunday morning saying "What the hell".

Despite all that, my race yesterday was way better then I had any right to expect. I had a complete brain cramp and thought I beat my time from last year, but I checked results this morning and discovered that actually, I was 7 min slower this year. Big deal. Given the amount of training I did, I got off easy.

It was a gorgeous day for a run. I try to not be too humbled by the fact that the top women marathone runners finished twice the distance in less time (!). Hey, I've got at least 80 lbs on most of them. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I was still in the top 50% of my age group, which pleases me. And my pace was pretty consistent throughout. It's amazing - I did 12 miles a couple of weeks ago that was an absolute death march after mile 7, and ran 13 yesterday and enjoyed* most of it.

Thankfully, Ironman did not beat me. Of course, he ran twice the distance too. I actually had enough time to get my stuff, my finisher's t shirt, change my clothes and wander out to the course before he came in. His race went pretty well too, but he missed qualifying for Boston by a mere 3 minutes. He was annoyed. Now we're just both stiff and sore - thank goodness my work environment includes elevators.

Next post: a finished, 2 day (!) Morning Surf Scarf guaranteed to cure winter doldrums if Houston had any. Today, with sun and upper 60s it's not necessary, but maybe in a few days it will get cold again and I can wear it.

* Which is to say, I wasn't grimacing in pain the whole time, but enjoying picking out rabbits and listening to the music along the way. The spectators for this event are fantastic - there are rock bands, DJs, a marching band, even a drum section set up along the course. Makes it all go by so much more easily.