Well, we're back. A bit battered around the edges (despite the luxurious plane accomodations), having entered/experienced 34 houses in two days (including interacting with one estate agent who later referred to us as "that nice Aussie couple !???), but with a short list, neighborhoods and schools considered, and an offer made. Now we just wait and see what happens with that, but it looks like the ludicrously fast-moving corporate moving machine is cranking along.

I did very little knitting while we were gone - half a sock foot done on the flight over before I had to fall asleep, a bit during the week, and nothing on the way home, since Heathrow is notorious for not allowing knitting needles on the planes. I decided that, although I received several very good suggestions about how to get my needles onto the plane (ehem, Heathermione I'm talking about you), it was the better part of valor not to piss off the British version of TSA if I want them to let me back in to the country.

Since I have no knitting to share, I will give you a brief tour of BA's first class and business class cabins, plus the wee bit of sightseeing I did in town on Wednesday morning. There will be craft goodness later in the week, but it's not mine - it's my Mother's (I put her to work while I was gone). So sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

UK recce trip

Ironman settling in for the arduous journey across the pond

UK recce trip

My personal entertainment system, and

UK recce trip

seat controls. Please note glass of vino and cashew/macademia nut snack. We hadn't taken off yet. And yes, I did feel like the world's biggest tool taking pictures of this stuff. However, I did not let that slow me down too much. As you can see...

UK recce trip

UK recce trip

UK recce trip

...because I took pictures of the bathroom. Sad, isn't it?

On the way back we had to "settle" for business class, but the trauma was mitigated by the fact that we were on the upper deck of the plane. You know, one of these planes.

View from the top floor

The view from the top floor.

BA business class

Instead of facing the same direction as on the outbound flight, we were forced to face each other, a situation that had my lovely husband playing with the privacy screen for more time then was strictly necessary. I watched 3.75 movies on the way home and read my latest airport book. Sadly no knitting, otherwise I would have a finished pair of Science Geek socks.

Time to continue my battle against jet lag, so I'm off. More crafty stuff on Wednesday. Ta ta!