Boo is two

And boy is she ever.

Dear Boo,

Well sweetie, another year has flown by. And you've gone from a very cute small person wobbling around to a running, jumping, talking (!) person with enough will of her own to push around The Incredible Hulk. Although you'd probably say "Mama, he's scary" right before you marched up and kicked him in the kneecaps.

You are what my great-aunt Hazel would term "pathologically independent". A typical second born, you have no fear, marching in to any new situation with abandon and not a care in the world for anything else. Although occasionally I worry that this tendency is going to give you some problems in the future, it is an amazing thing to watch, and as different from your sister as night and day.

Which is kind of nice, given that you two look like I'm running my own human cloning lab on the side.

You love singing and dancing and looking at books. You have inherited from your wonderful father the sunniest morning personality ever, which occasionally makes me want to stick my head under the pillow at Sparrow's Fart when you engagingly call out "MAMA!" so you can be released from your prison. But the huge smile lighting up your face when I come in the room, and the way you snuggle in to my neck and hug me makes up for it all.

The changes from birth to one are truly incredible to witness. But, having now gone through it twice, I think the changes from one to two are even more astonishing. You haven't grown quite as fast (although you will eat everything not nailed down, and have vaulted past size 2T into 3T), but the incredible changes in your abilities to communicate, to interact with the world around you and to express your personality are awe-inspiring.

I love you so much Boo. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Love, MAMA! (who has to go finish your kittycat cake)