Economic stimulating

The advent of my new bicycle a few weeks ago necessitated the selling of my old bike. After advertising on the local Tri club website and craigslist (and weeding through the "I want to buy this immediately please take it off of craigslist and I will send you a cashier's check and my mover will pick it up" scams) (Seriously. Who buys a bike without seeing it and trying it out?), I managed to exchange it for some amount of cash which will do me absolutely no good in the UK. Being the wrong currency and all. So I decided to contribute it back in to the local economy.

And what was local to me at that moment was the Green Mountain Spinnery. They were preparing to head out to MD Sheep and Wool fest the next day, but right by the door were several baskets full of mill ends.

I came away with 6 oz of cotton comfort, a 80%/20% wool/organic cotton mix, in a beautiful dark grey blue (appropriately named "Storm")

GMS Mill Ends

and almost a pound of their wool/tencel sock yarn base ready for dyeing.

GMS Mill Ends

This will either become custom colorways for socks or Tempest (although not a striped version). Stay tuned.