FF: Grab your sunglasses

Because this stuff is retina searing:

Dev's merino handspun

Devil's merino handspun, 8.1 oz/229 gr, about 575 yds, 13-14 wpi (fingering weight).
Spun/plied at 12:1 on ST Lendrum.

Fiber from Yarn School, dyeing by me and Dev, spinning by me (with much "Are you done with my yarn yet?" from Herself). Dev has requested a blanket made from this stuff, so I chain plied to keep the stripes intact. I'm envisioning a garter stitch edged triangular shawl type thingie, with a central column of double YOs and YOs on each edge just inside the garter stitch border. That will give me lots of stripes and a non-curling edge. And make it something she can wrap up in as needed.

I've also finished the body of her sweater. It's quite gratifying to find that she is rather excited about it. Or at least marginally enthusiastic. I even interrupted her viewing of 101 Dalmatians to ask for input on the buttons and didn't get my head ripped off and stuffed down the stump of my neck. So she must like it!

Devil's cardi in progressButtons for Devil's cardi

I got the flower buttons specifically with her in mind, but to my surprise she picked the pinky red ones. Which is great because I can do the same ribbing that's on the bottom as a button band and not have to worry about buttonholes.

Here's hoping that a good blocking takes care of the wobbly stitches. Damn cotton will get me every time!