Fiber Friday: Peat

Just before we packed up in April, I got this lovely pile of superwash merino in the mail:

Superwash merino, "Peat" colorway, Hello Yarn Fiber Club March 2009 offering

This made me regret not getting the double dose option, because I really really wanted to do socks with this for Ironman. And I wanted to do cabled socks of some kind. Which means a 3-ply yarn. Could I get enough out of 4 oz for socks?

Peat 3-ply

This is about 200 yds, but it's also ~12 wpi, so sportweight rather then fingering. I'm hoping I can make it, at least with some shorter socks. I may sub in some other yarn for the heels and toes as well to maximize the handspun and keep something with nylon in it on the soles for wear.

I split the whole length of top into three equal sections (by length, not weight) and spun one single from the unstripped width, one single from a length split in half, and the final single from quarter sections of the last length of top. I like this type of fractal spinning to get subtle stripes, as in the Toxic kneehighs. I have absolutely no hope that they will match in the striping, but so be it.

Peat 3-ply

Final yarn stats: 200 yds, 4.0 oz/113 gr, 3 ply. Singles spun and plied at 12:1, with short forward draw, smoothing the single as the twist entered (worsted). Finished with a sock soak in warm water, then drained, spun around my head on the back porch, and thwacked against the wall of the house. My neighbors think I'm very odd.

So now I need to find a nice manly cable sock pattern, that I can adapt for sportweight yarn. Any suggestions?