Book stashing

I had a horrible accident last week when I was browsing the Amazon website and I fell down and managed to type in my credit card number by mistake. So far I've received two of four items that were subsequently ordered.


I bought because I hear raves about her classes online, and the chance that I'll ever be able to take one is practically nonexistent. So I figured this book was the next best thing.

And this one

I had been thinking about for a while. And then I looked at the patterns and realized that both of my children's names are immortalized therein. Even if one of them is spelled wrong. So I had to buy it, right? I'm not sure I would have bought it if I had known beforehand that all the patterns were top down, but after extensive perusal, I suspect that I will have to set myself the goal of knitting every single pair in the book. I've already got recipients picked out for two of them, and maybe I'll even make some for myself!