The Green Jersey pattern now available

I can't believe I forgot to post this on Saturday, but the final Tour de France anklet pattern is now available for download.

The Green Jersey

This version, like the other three, will be available for free until July 26th, 2009, when the Tour ends. Although since I'm going to be on vacation, it's quite likely that they'll be available in the test versions until the following weekend.

Stats: sized from XS-XL (8-9 inches around the foot, unstretched), 1-2 balls Cascade Fixation, 7.5 stitches/12 rows per inch on US 1/2.25 mm needles.

Please download, knit, and enjoy while you watch Cav and Thor duke it out! Let me know (see sidebar for email address or pm me on Ravelry - I'm porpoise) if there are any problems with the pattern!

*Photo credit goes to Elica/knituitist, who was my test knitter on this one.