Wait, no socks?

For the first time in ages, I have no socks on the needles. I know that the sidebar lists the Peat socks as being "in progress", but I haven't cast them on yet. I don't even know what pattern I'm going to do yet. In fact, I suspect I'm going to end up making one up, so it's not the sort of project that can just be jumped in to.

It feels weird. I've spent the last several months obsessed with these TdF socks, and now that they're done I'm a bit at loose ends. How can I not be working on a pair of socks? But we're coming down to the wire: on Friday I get on the train with the family to go to (gasp!) Paris (where we will, purely incidentally of course, get to see the final stage of Le Tour) (squee!), and I need some socks to work on. So the question is which ones?

I recently found The.Perfect.Yarn (Boo's favorite) for a pair of Glenna C's Viper socks - Dream in Color Starry.

DiC Starry

98% superfine Australian superwash merino, 2% silver fibers. Real silver. It's sparkly...perfect for some kick-ass Starbuck socks for some deserving BSG fan out there.

But then I recently got "Sock Innovation", and carrollb and I are preparing to knit our way through the entire book. I've got some gorgeous purple stuff ready for Glynis, so maybe I should cast that on?

GMS sock art

And then there are several babies looming on the immediate horizon (like in the next 5 days or so), and I've got all these scraps lying around. Maybe some of these in some handspun? Or maybe a pair of Lanterne Rouges in Sweet Feet?

The problem here is, of course, too many choices and no time frame. I'm sure I'll make a wonderful decision at 9:30 am friday morning when I'm dashing out the door to go to the train station, right?