No fiber this Friday

Last weekend, I did something I've only done once in the last two years.

I folded up my spinning wheel and put it away.

There was a good reason. We were having company for dinner (and I try not to scare the Muggles too much if I can help it), the bobbins were empty, I wasn't going to have a chance to spin much before we left, and I didn't want to start something, take a two week break and come back to it. So the wheel is folded down in the gear/stash room, and I have no fiber to show off today.

Instead I will share another example of how I have corrupted my youngest child (in a good way, I promise). Devil has been at day camp for the last week and a half, so Boo and I have been hanging out together. One of the bonuses of just having one urchin to look after during the day has been getting out for some nice runs. Last week we went up to the Heath with some containers and our run lasted an hour, half of which was spent picking/running quality control on the wild blackberries.

This week, we spent one afternoon at the 1 o'clock centre in town, a wonderful London invention - a free play area for kids up to age 5. So there we were. I was sitting on a bench, zoning out a bit while Boo played with some animals. Next thing I know she comes zooming past me, pushing a small stroller crammed with a naked baby doll, a stuffed lemur, and a dinosaur.

"Mama! I running!" she said as she went by.