Fiber Friday: Homage to Adrian

It's getting to be that time of year...

Yup, time to take stock of the available knitted holiday gifts, and set out a plan for the fall. My attention lately has been mostly taken up by knitting for me me me, but with the end of September rapidly approaching, I spent some time making a list of what needs to be done.

Here's the general list:
4 pairs of mittens
2 pairs fingerless mitts
2 pairs felted clogs
At least two hats, one in this and one in something yet to be determined.

I've also had stranded knitting on my mind in a major way. I'm not so good with the color choices however, so today I'm casting on for a project that will be Hello Yarn from start to finish (except for the spinning/knitting parts, so really the colors and the pattern are Adrian's genius).

Norway and brown BFL

Fiber: Hello Yarn fiber club BFL in the "Norway" colorway, 4 oz split in half lengthwise and spun on to seperate bobbins, then chain plied to create skeins with (hopefully) matching stripes, plus some gorgeous grey-brown BFL from Halcyon Yarns for the contrast.

Like all of Adrian's fibers, this was lovely to spin. The colors in the original top didn't really grab me,


but boy did it turn out nicely in the finished yarn.

Norway and brown BFL

I have no idea as to wpi or yardages. I spun up 4 oz of the Norway, and maybe 2.5 oz of the brown BFL to start with. I have another 4 oz of Norway in reserve, if needed.

Pattern: Snail Mittens by Adrian Bizilia (aka helloyarn).
Recipient: TBD. Anyone want to chime in as to why they should get this FO? I'm open to bribes...