Fall roundup

Looking back at my posts, I realize that I never did a round up for September, so you get a twofer for the last two months.

Aestlight (S)
Nemo mittens (S)
Seablue playmate (O)
Jack-in-the-box mittens (O)
Bramblewood vest (O)
Eunice (not blogged, but O)
Handspun mittens to match this (also unblogged, but O)

BFL Jupiter (S)
Norway/brown BFL for another Christmas present (S)
October, alas, was spinning-free

Remade skirt for moi
Two princess costumes, finished before the very last minute. Wiktory!

Update on the Christmas list, which has undergone some revision:

4 pairs of mittens - 2 pairs down, 2 to go
2 pairs fingerless mitts - 1 pair started, to be gifted early
2 pairs felted clogs - these are a last minute deal
At least two hats - this has turned into three hats, but only one is in fingering weight and taking forever.
Added to the list: my Albatross, aka Veil of Isis, is destined as a gift. I'm on row 27 of 31 of the edging so the train is barreling down the tunnel. I also need something for Ironman. Who knows what that will be. But I don't think anyone is getting socks.