Where have I been?

Ummmm...I wish I had a good excuse, but I'm not even up to the halfway point in the Nano writing fail exersize, and I certainly haven't been doing much spinning or knitting...there has been cooking, however, but I eat most of that before I get pictures taken.

The Christmas list is under revision yet again.

Person A - mittens from my birthday present from my MIL (and no, it's not her). There are not started, nor is yarn chosen. Move along here, there's nothing to see.
Person B - cowl and maybe a hat from same yarn. Cowl done, hat, not so much.
Person C - hat or some manly fingerless mitts. He could carry off fingerless mitts that are, alas, not started.
Person D - ?????? Fuck.
Person E - handspun mittens. One finished, one started but I had to spin some more yarn. And knit on tiny needles. Hmmmm...this is the TV knitting except that I am out of yarn and haven't soaked/thwacked the newest yarn, plied last night. Sigh.
Person F - hat and matching mittens. Done! Blocked even. Hooray!
Person G - felted clogs. Not started. I've got yarn somewheres though. Might could go and dig it out while my new handspun is drying tonight...
Person H - Albatross. Which is done, but not blocked. That could be another project for tonight, hunh?
Person I - mittens, which are done, but there's another project to go out with them in the mail that won't be done for a while.

So, nine people, not counting the ones I live with, who are in line for knitted goodness. And I have 4.5 done (if I count the Albatross as done when really, it isn't). I suspect this is my Puritan, self-flagellating ancestry making itself known in a modern fashion, but I can't be the only one that does this, right?


Shut up crickets, you're too loud.