Do you hear that singing?

I think it's the fat lady. Sadly, that means that

Ivy league vest - 26/2/10

there is no way in hell I'm going to be successful at this Knitting Olympics challenge (again*). I'm halfway through the second of three pattern repeats (~40 rows each), and it's just not going to happen by tomorrow at 7:30 pm. I'm going to finish at some point in the near future next week, but given that I ended Thursday behind where I'd started that morning**, I was pretty much doomed. Couple that with a stomach bug and collapsing unconscious at 10:00 for the last two nights, and that's all she wrote.

But what she's been writing is awful pretty.

Neck steek
Neck steek shaping up

Close up of front

I can't wait to finish this and actually wear it, although I'm hoping that a good blocking will take care of the massive amounts of stitch wonkiness. It's started to warm up quite a bit over hear in southeast England, so I'm hoping it doesn't become summer before I get to finish it up. Congratulations to all the Knitting Olympians who were successful!

* Winter 2006: Adamas, my first lace project, and I had only about 10 rows to go by the end. Closest finish yet.
Summer 2008: Veil of Isis, which, as we all know, finally got finished as a Christmas present in 2009.
Winter 2010: as you see it. Oh well!
** Those pesky armhole decreases got left out, so I got to rip back about six rows on the train on my way home on Thursday. Not.A.Happy.Camper.