Hold the phone!

Now, when I was blathering on yesterday about rows/day and such like, why did none of you point out to (math-challenged) me that (ehem) the Closing Ceremonies don't actually occur until Sunday? Here I was thinking that I only had five days to go and was going to have to forgo basic hygiene to get this vest done. But as of right now (bedtime on Tuesday), I am on row 68, have started the neck steek, and have only 104 rows to go on the body. However, it seems that I am unable to do more then around 15 rows a day: today I was home with Boo (who managed to barf all over me and herself within seconds of my getting dressed this morning) watching Dumbo and Angelina Ballerina all day, and I still only got 17 rows done. WTF?

104 rows/3 days = 32 rows per day. Fuck. However...the rows are going to get shorter with the neck shaping, right? Hmmmm...further updates tomorrow evening.