There are definitely lots of things growing around here at the moment. Camellias,

Camellia, Isabella Plantation


Magnolia, Isabella Plantation



Laptop bags,

Pre-icord and felting

Cherry blossoms,

Incipient cherry blossoms

Pitcher plants,

Pitcher plant, Isabella Plantation

Handspun sweaters,

Tappen Zee in progress

and children.

Given the last, I'm embarking on another craft for a few days - sewing new summer dresses for the girls.

Summer dresses for girls

You'll be glad to know, however, that there are some things that are shrinking around here, i.e. my massive ball of purple top.

What's left, 19 April

I'm now down to only 4.5 ounces to go. And since I'm imposing a moratorium on knitting for the next few days (my wrist is acting up again), I'm hoping against hope that it will get finished this week. Then I'll take a week or so before embarking on Neverending Plying.