Sewing FO: Devil's cupcake skort

Dev's new skirt

After a massive shopping expedition to the fabric store with the girls, I came back and promptly cut out the pieces for this skirt. Which then sat for most of a week before they actually got put together.

Pattern: Simplicity 5531
Fabric: ??? Some cotton with cupcakes that Herself fell in love with. I bought 0.8 m of fabric, and had plenty left over.

This pattern was super easy. Two back pieces, two front pieces, one skirt flap. Sew together, hem, put in some elastic and you're good to go. There's supposed to be a button on the front, at the top of the skirt panel, but I couldn't find my button jar, and Dev was quite insistent that she put it on Right. Now. button, but all is well.

I made the size 6, and there's plenty of room in there, both length and width-wise. If I'm really lucky, she can maybe wear this next summer too. Provided it isn't too devastated that is. And after such a quick and easy project, I got inspired to do this:

Summer dresses

Cutting the pieces is always the toughest part of sewing for me - it takes so damn long! But after three hours hard work yesterday morning, I now have all the pieces cut out for their dresses. Expect more sewing FOs in the next little while!