Fiber Friday: Yarn #2

Finished Insect Wings

TdF yarn #2: Hello Yarn Fiber club BFL in "Insect Wings"
Spun/plied at 12:1, short forward draw (worsted), 3 ply.
Stats: 2 big skeins of 3-ply, at 255 and 254 yds respectively (score!), and one mini-skein of 2-ply from leftovers, about 30 yds. 9.8 oz of fiber total.

So with this fiber, I wanted to spin two matching skeins of 3-ply for socks. I split the 10 oz of fiber I had (double dose FTW!) into three equal weight piles. For the first ply, I split the entire length of top in half and spun each half on to separate bobbins.

Day 7

The second bump I split in fourths, and spun two strips on to each of two bobbins (in the middle).

Day 8

The final bump got split into eigths and spun 4 pieces on to each bobbin (bobbins 1 and 1' on top row, bobbins 2 and 2' in middle, bobbins 3 and 3' on bottom row).

Then there were six, rest day

And then there was the plying...

Day 11

I loved the colors in the original fiber, but as I was plying, I was a bit concerned. It looked And orange is not exactly one of my most favoritist colors. However, after a soak in warm water and a bit of time on the back porch drying,

Drying Insect wings

I fell in love.

Drying Insect wings

Perfect autumn colors for some gorgeous socks. Sometime in the future. Maybe that should be my Vuelta project?

I've been having fun making collages of my spinning pictures and pictures of the girls. Here's one with the berries I mentioned last week:

Tour de Fleece, day 12

And it includes a wee teaser for next week's finished yarn!