The Plan

The Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow, so it's time to set out some goals. Mine is to spin up all my Hello Yarn Fiber Club fiber that's been sitting around for almost three years. On the list:


1) 8 oz of Wensleydale in the colorway Mollusc - this was the September or October club fiber in 2007. It is going to become 8 oz of laceweight singles.

Insect wings

2) 8 oz of BFL in Insect Wings - February 2008, and destined to be a 3-ply of some kind.


3) 4 oz of BFL in Norway - This is a relative newcomer to the stash, arriving in January 2009. I've spun up half for the Norwegian Snail mittens, but this four ounces is going to be pulled apart into different colors and spun up into a two ply as I did for Air.

If I manage to get all that done, I'll move on to May 2009 (Five Plum Pie), but I suspect this will keep me busy for the Tour. It's only 1.25 lbs, right? Even Boo can carry that much.

Boo TdF