Fiber Friday: A pile of Clown Barf

Before we went off to the States, I managed to finish up most of the singles from Boo's dyed top.

Clown barf singles

A few days and some chain plying later, and I have three skeins of lovely squooshy yarn in the "Clown Barf" colorway.


Spun at 9:1, short forward (worsted) draw, plied at 7.5:1.
Total yardage: 381 yds/8.2 oz, 8-13 wpi, ranging from 700-800 ypp. Hopefully enough for a wee Boo sweater sometime this fall (as per the list). After ending up with some 4 Ounce Challenge yarn that was a bit too overplied, I made a conscious effort to chain ply this only more loosely. Going down to the biggest whorl on the flyer helped a lot too.

I have a new toy to play with in spinning. I discovered (probably through a post on Ravelry, but I honestly don't remember), plans for a PVC skeiner/swift. I was all fired up to build it, but realized that, instead of the $10 quoted in the plans it was probably going to cost me £50 to build. Umm, no. So I tabled the idea until our trip back to the States. A $20 trip to Lowes and some fun with a pipe cutter later, I had a lovely skeiner that wound off the clown barf in expert fashion. A far cry from my cobbled together 2x4 and CD swift that I never, ever use. It's all I can do to keep from winding all my yarn into cakes and then back into skeins.

So the girls' sweater yarn is done, just in time for school to start next Tuesday. It's pretty exciting. The girls even think so too!