Reporting from the front lines

In the interests of reminding myself that progress is being made, here's the updated status of the Autumn List:

1. Finish, test edit, photograph and publish three winter accessory patterns. One pattern in 90% done (except for reknitting of one of the pair with a different size needle - oops!). The other two are one is in the mental design stage, but I have the yarn to knit them both - I just need to get cracking. Hat done, mitts done (for the umpteenth time), mittens still on mental drawing board.

2. Knit the girls each a sweater out of the fiber they dyed. Done, and done!

3. Knit Himself a sweater for Christmas. Swatching, swatching, swatching.

4. Knit a birthday gift for Nana. Done, and even in the mail, to be blogged post-touchdown in ME.

5. Dye and spin the fiber for Nana's Christmas present (requested after she saw mine over the holiday), then knit it. 23/9 - fiber now dyed, rinsed and drying.

6. Spin yarn for sweater for next March.

7. Maybe knit Pas de Valse for me out of some gorgeous alpaca (same as the yarn I used for the Veil of Isis, only fawn colored), or start on the Vine Yoke Cardigan (since I spent all that damn time spinning the yarn for it). I've played with dyeing the alpaca, and I think I've settled on a color (#3).

8. Knit myself an alpaca balaclava/head wrap/scarf thingie for cycling this winter. I'm going to be doing quite a bit of riding over the next ten months, to get ready for my insane venture next summer, and I seem to recall that it gets pretty fucking cold out there in December, not to mention January. Still at the bottom of the priority list.

Things are moving along, slowly but surely. And my kids are getting really good at a) entertaining themselves and b) learning Disney movies by heart.