Weekender scores

I managed to make it out of the weekend with only one skein of yarn:

Artist's Palette Smoothie Sock

Artist's Palette Smoothie Sock, to make some socks for Himself in gratitude for taking over when I abandoned the family for two weekends in a row. Not bad, right? Only one skein. Well, only one skein of yarn. There was a bit more rampant consumerism on the fiber side of the equation:

Fluff-n-stuff alpaca/BFL top

Superfine alpaca/BFL top from Fluff-n-stuff

Natural dyed pencil roving

Natural dyed pencil roving from Artisan Threads

Cashmere "waste"

Cashmere waste (!)(Like anything cashmere could be waste!!!) for £5/bag, also from Artisan Threads

Gotland fleece

1 kilo of raw Gotland Fleece from Well Manor Farm

I managed to resist buying "The Haapsulu Shawl" after my Estonian Lace knitting class, but only because I couldn't find any yarn in the entire marketplace that was fine enough. However, I now think that I have enough wool-based items to play with for a long, long time. Thank goodness I'm not going to any more knitting events until (maybe) April!