I've been cheating

I made The List with all the best intentions. I was going to prioritize the projects for the fall, write them down in (virtual) pen, make myself accountable to all five people who read this blog (not counting my mother) and Get. Things. Done.

Well. That was before this. I made the mistake of going over to take a look.

And I found three (!) sweaters that I liked. Three sweaters that I even have the yarn for. Three. And I realized that knitting up some of the sweater lots in my stash would clear out some space. Which is always a good thing, right?

That giant thud you just heard was The List getting tossed to the bottom of the rubbish bin and buried under the moldy leftovers I cleaned out of the refridgerator. Temporary insanity is my excuse. Insanity and an overwhelming desire to knit with cotton/angora yarn. In the autumn (part of the insanity thing - it doesn't get that cold in London in the winter, but it's definitely colder then cotton/angora). That's the only explanation to explain why this

Cadence in progress

is now taking over all of my evening knitting time. I was hoping to maintain my speed and get it done in a week (2 girl sweaters = 1 porpoise sweater, right?), but sadly, I'm now into the stockinette body, and even though it's on US 10/6.0 mm needles, it's taking quite a while. Maybe two weeks, and then I can get back to The List.

I promise.