The power of the tweet

You, dear reader, may or may not be aware that I've got a sitemeter for this page. Every week I get an email report of how many visits I've gotten. I put it on initially just to see how many people were showing up, but it turns out that I can see where my visitors are geographically, where they arrive from (if they come from another page for example), when during the day they visited. It's all very interesting, but I honestly don't pay too much attention to it other then to check and see how many visits I've gotten in the last week.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I opened up my report a couple of weeks ago to find this:

site visit 1

And then today, opening up another report to see this:

site visits 2

Apparently, there are little web gremlins running around searching for particular keywords (in this case I suspect The Shard and Putney), and alerting their handlers, resulting in a tweet about some random knitting pattern, and lo and behold - I hit the sitemeter jackpot.

It's all a little Case-Molly the Razorgrrl-Neuromancer, but given that my previous readership is about 50 hits a week, many of which are members of my immediate family, I'm thrilled to bits that more people are visiting. So, to all of you folks who have wandered over to this corner of the knitting blogosphere - welcome! I'm awfully glad to have you here. The red wine and chocolate is over there on the coffee table, let Mario the Barista know if you'd like a cappuccino, and pull out your implements of fibery goodness. I'll try to keep the kid stories to a minimum...

Some knitting to tide you over...first up is Sleeve Island.

Sleeve island

And Scarf Island.

Scarf island

Sadly, with no hope of imminent rescue in sight.