Right, I've culled through the handspun stash to pull out things to send off to Illinois and Texas and DC (but not Maine - sorry Mom!). Here they are all cuddled up with each other.

Contest goodies

Aquaphilic is getting some gradient-spun BFL, because Norway is as close to Sweden as I could get. JoAnnaJae is getting some Yarn School Corriedale. Sarah is getting another Yarn School skein, in celebration of when she first started reading the blog - also Corriedale, but dyed by the ever-so-talented Adrian at Hello Yarn, colorway Hooray Sheep! And my poor, neglected mother is getting some not-yet-spun Falkland yarn from a top I won during the Tour de Fleece, from All Spun Up. It will be delivered to her next month when we see them at half-term.

In other news, I've finished the first sock of my club for this month, and have only a few repeats left to go on the sweater - hooray! I'm thinking I'm going to block the sweater pieces before I seam them up, then block again after doing the neck band (although that second block might only be a steaming). It looks a little narrow to me at the moment (as cabled stuff always does), but I'm hoping it will spread out a bit with water and a bit of judicious pinning.