River Run spinning

As of today (thanks to a one-day work week due to a wicked cold) (and the Australian Open!), I've spun up 1341 yds of 2-ply fingering weight Falklands wool yarn for the Big Colorwork Project. The size I'm knitting calls for:

380 yds black
380 yds medium gray
190 yds white
190 yds light brown
190 yds dark brown
190 yds light gray
190 yds dark gray
190 yds light tan
190 yds medium brown

For a grand total of 2090 yds. Holy crap! I'm more then halfway there! And it's still JANUARY! cue happy dance

I was totally right* about the Falklands-puffball mushroom effect too. Look at this:

Falklands pre- and post-wash

On the left is the freshly plied, unwashed yarn - it is slightly slick, with a nice smooth feel to the yarn. On the right is the washed, thwacked, dried poofy yarn - unbelievably squishable!

The first two totally dry skeins came in at 1484 and 1527 ypp so...still a bit under where they "should" be, but close enough for government work (at least in my experience of government work).

* This happens rarely enough in my fiber adventures that it makes me feel very smug. Which, of course, guarantees that the dyeing is going to be an Utter. Nightmare.