I which I have a realization

So, on Monday night I wound up all the handspun for the sweater - it took two freakin' hours. Ugh! And then I cast on - 280 stitches on US 1/2.25 mm needles. And I started knitting the ribbing.

Approximately 45 minutes later I'd finished the first row and started the second. Items of interest:

1. Steeking this puppy will be a no brainer because the yarn is a wee bit sticky (understatement of the year that). This is a good thing generally speaking, but it does make for some slow knitting, as I pause to detach the two colors from each other every few stitches.

2. It is a good thing my professional life is not dependent on basic numerical skills, because I can not repeatedly count *two, one, two, one, four*. Because of this inability, I ended my knitting session last night at the same exact point I ended on Monday, having put in double the knitting time. Trying to tink back 200 stitches to fix the colorwork pattern in the Very. First. Row. is just not on. Riiiiiip, redo cast on, try again.

3. I've realized that I have two choices for this project. I can either drive myself (even more) batshit insane rushing through this thing and trying to get it finished in time for the Big Day, or I can enjoy the process of knitting a beautiful sweater for my Dad with yarn that I made and dyed myself, in celebration of the great milestone that is his seventieth birthday. I think I like the second option better...

I'm liking the second option even more given that, in exactly two weeks time, a large portion of my waking and sleeping hours are going to be taken up by the newest member of our family.

Meet the Wee Dog, a (somewhat crosseyed in this picture, but not in real life) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Girls are way too excited to even be able to articulate their joy, and I go back and forth between glee and pure abject terror. It feels kind of like when I was pregnant with Devil, in fact. My only saving grace is that housebreaking him is going to happen a lot faster then with the real kids.