Early onset

In graduate school, I studied Alzheimer's disease, albeit at a somewhat oblique angle. That is to say, I studied something else in the context of AD. In any event, I am somewhat familiar with some of the symptoms of dementia, including the loss of any ability to form new memories. And I think perhaps I am suffering from some of these symptoms, because somehow I completely managed to forget that I signed up for the IKnit London (not just) Sock Club.

And when I say forget, I don't mean that it just slipped my mind. I mean that I saw an announcement of a party for the start of the club and thought "I wonder if I can still sign up for that..." Imagine my surprise when I arrived home after a looooong day to find a package waiting for me on the doorstep, and it wasn't from Adrian, as I expected. This was what was inside:


A lovely little project bag and a skein of Gorgeous Crimson Yarn - perfect for May of Project Spectrum! Plus not one, but two patterns. One for a pair of socks (Tantalus) and one for a pair of glorious fingerless mitts called Ambience, both by Janie B. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the mitts, simply because I'm working on a pair of lacey red socks at the moment. Those socks are slowly moving along - I reknit the leg of the first one adding four stitches and going up half a needle size, and they fit much better now. I managed to get through the toe on sock #2, which will be joining me on a bit of a road trip this weekend, so I hope to get them done soon. After which point, I will never knit with Cascade Fixation Ever. Again.

IKnit sock club yarn #1
gratuitous yarn shot