There's been a lot of spinning going on

But it's mostly been of the non-fibery type. I.e. my butt has been on my bike quite a lot in my spare moments over the last few weeks/months. There's a good reason for this...

RAB map

See that point up there at the top of the map? The one with the green arrow? That's John o'Groats, the northernmost point in mainland Scotland.

See that point at the bottom of the map? The one with the red arrow? That's Land's End, the southernmost point in England.

On June 11th, I climb on my bike and start riding at the green arrow, with hopes of making it down to the red arrow more or less in one piece by June 19th. Ooof. 953 miles, baby - that's a lot of spinning.

If you're reading this, and are inclined to assist me, I'm fundraising for ParalympicsGB for the ride. My online donation page is here, more info on ParalympicsGB (who are amazing) is here, and I'll be blogging each day of the ride here.